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Ways to Reduce Household Running Costs

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As every property owner knows the household utility bills can sometimes get out of hand, and it is little use having to remind the kids to turn off the lights every single day. If you do not keep your attention firmly attached to electricity and water use then your monthly bills can be a nightmare.

Here at Kunini we give specialist advice on how you can reduce your bills, this may be simple good practice or in some cases changing your properties lighting and heating problem areas.


Everybody is aware of new technologies when it comes to light bulbs and fittings, the old 100 watt light bulb is now a thing of the best, and more energy efficient ways of illuminating are now on the market.

LED lighting has proved to be most effective, although at the outset this type of lighting can be more expensive the return on that initial investment is relatively short, and LED lights soon pay their own way.

LED’s can be switched on or off or dimmed, but dimming is still quite a problematic area for LED technology.

Heating / Cooling

Depending where in the world you live your home will have to be heated or cooled, and both mediums are expensive. Any HVAC system your home uses must only be operational when somebody is actually present in the property.

A good electrical system, perhaps a smart-home technology can prove to be the answer, but again there are pros and cons to take into account.

Smart Home Technology

There are many systems on the market that promise to turn your property into a smart home. Many of these systems can be expensive to fit, and the return of investment may take some time, but in general they are worth it.

What a smart home system tries to achieve is to eliminate the problem area, which of course means taking out human control. Utilising a series of sensors, dimmers, timers and relays you house can take control. It can turn off lights when nobody is there and reduce heat or air conditioning when certain ambient temperatures are met.

Reducing the human element is half the problem and can dramatically reduce your properties energy consumption.

Efficient Insulation and Ventilation

Before you enlist the help of energy consultants such as Kunini, there are several ways you can make your home energy efficient. Most of these are to seal your property to ensure either heat or cooling is retained.

This can be insulating your roof space, ensuring all doors and windows have proper sealants and nothing can get in or out. Making sure the correct amount of light enters the building etc.

There is a vast array of things you can do to make your home more energy efficient and reduce your bills. Not only will this be better for your pocket, it will also help your carbon footprint.

Act today and contact Kunini who would be happy to arrange an energy consultancy visit to your home in Thailand. It will be the first step to your energy conservation.

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