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Universal Trunking and Lighting System

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Here at Kunini we specialise in lighting and power applications for domestic and commercial premises. We listen to the demands of our customers and constantly adopt new technologies that enhance our services and products. Obviously delivering electrical systems that comply with the relevant laws and regulations of the country.

One such innovative solution is the UTS-PRO which is a universal trunking and lighting system. The system was first developed here in Thailand by W2015 and LEDeco Co.

UTS-PRO was developed for a Swiss multinational firm that specialise in food production factories located all over the world.

UTS-PRO has become the most adaptable trunking and lighting system in Asia, and also further afield.

Easy Installation

The thinking behind most trunking systems is that of labour saving solutions. And the UTS system was developed with this firmly in mind. The electricians that install this system only have to fix the trunking every one and a half meters by the means of a single screw, making it extremely fast to install.

Once the hanging bracket is fixed then the rest of the trunking system just simply clicks and slides into place, a job that almost anybody can do.

The Applications

The UTS-PRO has been designed for use with LED triproof and LED triproof emergency lighting. But is also adaptable enough to use with many other types of illumination. This adaptability makes it ideal for numerous applications including new-builds and renovations.

It has already been successfully installed in hospitals, schools, factories, retail outlets, convention centres, and hotels as well as other major applications.

Energy Efficiency

Flexibility is the name of the game as far as the UTS-PRO trunking system is concerned. It is a highly flexible solution especially for lighting and this makes the product stand ahead of other trunking solutions on the market.

Many public spaces demand a lighting system that guarantees a lux level and with the UTS-PRO solution, Kunini can guarantee this by using the dialux simulation technology.
Mostly dialux simulations are only accurate for spaces that are empty, this means that as soon as plant machinery, furniture, and people start to inhabit these spaces the lux levels change.

But with the UTS-PRO system the lighting is able to slide along the trunking system so the lux level can change with the positioning of the lighting. In other words lighting can be moved easily to where it exactly is needed, this optimises your lux levels and makes your lighting more efficient.


The UTS-PRO trunking system is pre-loaded with either seven or eleven cables depending on the application. This gives extra capacity for other uses apart from just lighting. Basically the trunking system can take any kind of cable as long as each individual wire is under 9mm thick.

So you can run other systems cables through the trunking system which could include fire, control, IT, motion sensors, to name but a few. And all these cables can be hidden in a very sleek, durable, and IP rated trunking system.

If you want to know more about this great UTS-PRO trunking system, or any other of the electrical solutions and services that Kunini offer, contact us today and our experienced team will be happy to chat to you.

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