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Kunini as a Solar EPC, the initial consultation, is Solar PV right for your business? Could you add Solar PV to your premises?

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So, let’s just consider that you are considering installing Solar PV for your daytime power consumption to reduce your monthly utility expense. What is the first step?

When we talk about large solar rooftops, Kunini considers systems from 50 kilowatts, and up, we can install smaller systems but consider these as residential and not requiring the services of an EPC contract.

Obviously, we can do both types of systems, but basically large Solar Rooftops are 50 kilowatts and up. Typically, a commercial roof would be somewhere around 150 to 200 kilowatts, up to two, three megawatts.

With the above in mind, the initial consultation would be for us to discuss what your requirements are at this time.

Electrical Authority Regulations

Both the Provisional Electricity Authority (PEA) and the Metropolitan Electrical Authority (MEA) allow business and residential customers to install Solar Rooftops for a self-consumption only.

There is no Feed-In Tariff (FIT) at this time. What this means is the energy that you need during the daytime can be taken care of and provided for by Solar, power needed for evenings or during low sun days would come from the utility, the grid which is at the PA or the MEA.

Solar Survey

After the initial consultation, we would carry out a Solar Survey.
This includes inspecting your rooftop to see how it is constructed; metal sheet, flat concrete roof or tiled, and to access the total square meters you have available to install Solar.

We need to take into consideration factors such as shading and pitch. There are also other factors that need to be considered, including the following:

  • Inspect the electrical room and the MDB panel
  • Check current main incoming supply
  • Determine how many kVA is your transformer
  • Is there an existing generator?
  • What space is available to install the Solar Inverters and AC DB cabinet?
  • What about access to the roof, will we need a lift or crane for the installation?

Once we have carried out the Survey, we need to find out what your daytime power consumption is, (ideally, we would install a metering system on your utility supply for a week or two weeks to monitor the system to determine your day time consumption). But initially, we could work on a percentage based on your current billing and your hours of operation. Once we have an estimated number, we can work out a suitable sized Solar PV system that will cover your daytime power consumption.

It’s worth remembering our calculations are to avoid overproduction and waste energy. Naturally, we’d have to make sure that you have enough, um, footprint on your roof and you have the right type of roof that we can install a solar system on.

Consultation Stage

During the consultation we work out some rough numbers to give the customer an indicator of the system size and approximate budget; as an example, if you were to have a Bt.300,000 electricity bill every month, you may want to install a Solar rooftop to take care of a third of that?

Okay, so you want to generate enough energy through Solar to cover Bt. 100,000… Based on that you would need a system that is 200kW, which costs X amount with an ROI of X years, you would need approximately 1200m2 of roof space.

Our aim is to provide our client with enough initial information so that they can make an informed decision if a Solar Rooftop is right for them.

Full Proposal Stage

We would then go back and work on a full proposal for the customer. The proposal would be split into two parts but under one contract, as follows:

  • Part One – System design and permits
  • Part Two – The EPC contract, which is a turn-key solution for the system plus installation and commissioning

All of our equipment certified and PEA / MEA approved. Our installations are done in accordance with, with the ERC and their COP (code of practice) which has been laid out as a guideline for all Solar PV installations.

So if you’re looking for a competent Solar EPC for large or small scale Solar Rooftops for your factory, school, shopping mall, supermarket or showroom, then please contact us we will be happy come over and see you to discuss all options and we’ll carry out a free Solar Survey.

To find out more, why not contact us today on +66 (0)81 892 1992 or drop us a message on [email protected]

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