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August 23, 2018
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The Importance of Good Lighting in the Work Environment

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If you operate a business that you should be aware that the condition of your interior lighting is of significant importance to you workforce. It does not matter what type of business you operate good lighting is important on so many levels.

A survey by Kunini the lighting experts will give you an idea about the condition of your interior lighting and give a detailed report on what you can do about it and any remedial work that may be needed.

The Effects of Poor Lighting

Poor lighting in the environment can have many effects on your workforce and it is not just about the obvious things like eye strain. The mood and general attitude of workers can be affected by poor lighting, which can result in poor productivity.

If workers are constantly straining to see their work then the quality of their work can also suffer, especially if the condition brings on headaches or even drowsiness. It is not only office workers that suffer from poor lighting in the workplace, in industrial premises insufficient lighting can cause accidents such as trips or falls.

The Recommendations

Many places in the world do not have regulations covering the exact lux that is required in a working environment. Normally the phrase is sufficient or suitable lighting is used in recommendations.

Some countries do actually stipulate the lux requirement that is needed in hazardous environments but often this does not include offices. Normally a general recommendation is around 50 lux, but good lighting is rather dependant on the type of work that is being undertaken in the premises.

Common Pitfalls

There are many faux pas that occur in the interior design of lighting in a property, and this is where the experts Kunini lighting engineers can give valuable advice.

Many offices have lighting that is too bright, when this happens it affects worker’s concentration and can be difficult for close-up work.

On the other end of the scale old or damaged lights can be just as bad. Older fluorescent lights often flicker causing a strobe-like effect which is most distracting to workers and can cause migraines. Your light bulbs need to be changed on a regular basis, whether or not they have burned out.

What You Can Do

Apart from engaging lighting experts such as Kunini, there are several things you as the premises owner can do to help. Look at maximising your current lighting, this means clean and maintain your current fittings. Make sure nothing is blocking their effectiveness.

Secondly, let in as much natural light as possible, free up space around the windows and make sure they are cleaned regularly. If you can give each worker access to their own light source such as a desk lamp.

If you own a commercial property and think that you have internal lighting problems then contact Kunini and speak to one of our expert advisers to arrange an electrical lighting survey of your workplace. The benefits your could reap could be many from improved staff morale to increased productivity.

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