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The Benefits Solar Power Can Bring to a Condominium

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Here at Kunini we are the experts of solar power in Thailand, for many years we have been advising our clients on the benefits of solar power and how it can fit into many applications.

Not only is solar power beneficial to your pocket in terms of cheaper electricity bills, it is also much better for the environment as it is renewable and harnesses the power of the sun.

If you are a condominium developer then perhaps you have considered using solar power, but do you really know how it works and how it can benefit your condominium?

How Solar Power Works

Once the solar power system has been installed it works, the panels on the roof gather the sun’s energy and sends it to an inverter. This inverter will change this energy from DC to useable AC electricity.

There are many questions that arise when first using solar power such as: What happens at night? What if it is cloudy? And all should be thoroughly be investigated with your Kunini technical experts so you are fully satisfied that a solar power system is the way for your condominium development to go.

The Three Types of Systems

There are three types of solar systems that are available:

  • On-Grid (grid-tied, grid interactive) – very much in demand as they are connected to a local grid and can offer payback.
  • Solar Hybrid – these systems have a grid-connected Hybrid Inverter and a series of batteries.
  • Off-Grid – independent and stand alone system.

How Can a Condominium Benefit From Having Solar Power?

Commercial, industrial and residential customers can all benefit having a solar rooftop system, set up a mini power plant and generate your own electricity for your day-time consumption needs.

Imagine how many communal areas there is in the average condominium development, and all have to be lit due to safety laws and aesthetics. Every hallway, car park, pool area, exterior walkway has to be lit, and as condominium owners know this is highly expensive.
Owners and visitors are not able to turn these lights off and they are often operated by timers and use electricity all night long. Imagine providing the power for all this lighting by harnessing the sun’s rays.

Solar power could dramatically lower your energy usage especially in the communal areas of your condominium development. Power from the sun is stored during the day and can be released at night to run many of the exterior and communal areas in your development.

Obviously you need a lighting system that has been designed to run alongside solar power, Kunini offer great lighting advice so your whole system runs efficiently and more to the point cheaply.

If you would like to know more about using solar power in your next condominium project then contact us today to discuss your solar options and to learn what Kunini can do for you.

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