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June 12, 2015
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July 1, 2016
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Solar Rooftop Update from the PEA

2kW Solar PV Array E1472969218771

PEA Solar Rooftop Updates

The latest Solar Rooftop announcement by the Thai government allows for the installation of Solar PV on the roof of your house, the usage should be for self consumption and the installation needs to comply with the current regulations. The PEA / MEA have agreed to allow customers to install a Solar PV for self consumption but with a zero feed in policy,

this means that any excess energy must not feed back into the grid and the electric meter must not spin backward. To comply with the regulations all Solar Rooftop systems need to be sized correctly, this is done by calculating the required daytime power demand and reviewing a couple of past electric bills.

2kW Solar PV Array E1472969218771

Basic Requirements (Thailand)

  • Solar Equipment needs to be verified and approved by the MEA / PEA; this includes Solar Panels, Solar Inverters and Mounting Structure
  • The roof needs to be checked / verified by a Thai structural engineer to ensure that it can support the load
  • The combined load for the Solar System shall be less than 20 KG per SQM
  • The system size for residential premises can be up to 10kW either single or three phase
  • The installation of Solar Panels, Inverters and other equipment must comply with the PEA / MEA standards
  • The system needs to be designed so that there is zero export to the grid
  • A Solar Rooftop system can be installed, once it is installed the homeowner needs to register with the Tessaban and the ERC (Thai Standard)

Solar Kits

  • Kunini is able to offer a range of Solar Kits for customers looking to install Solar PV on their roofs..  for domestic customers Kunini Solar Kits range from 2kW / 3kW / 4kW / 5kW + 5kW / 10kW Three Phase, fully inclusive of installation and maintenance.

    “Typically Peak Sun is for about 5 hours per day and the ROI (return on investment) is around 6 years”

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