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Why Now Is The Time To Install A Solar Roof.
February 23, 2020
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May 15, 2020
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Solar Rooftop Options In Thailand

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I made a quick video review about Solar Rooftop Options in Thailand in 2020. We have more information on our page Solar PV Systems

This short video explains the various options there are when considering installing a Solar Rooftop on your home.

You have three main options;

1. Self Consumption

2. Self Consumption with FIT (feed-in-tariff)

3. Hybrid System

Self Consumption with Zero Export Policy enforced by the utility, this system needs to be designed for each customer based on their daytime power demand. Any excess power generated is wasted as you cannot export to the grid (utility, PEA, MEA).

Self Consumption with feed-in-tariff (FIT) This system is similar to the above in regards to design, however, any excess can be exported to the grid and the customer will receive compensation. The rate is currently Bt.1.68 per kWh. There are limits; Single Phase, max 5kW, Three Phase, max 10kW. The contract is for 10 years. * Note; Both of these systems are Grid-Tied, that means that if the grid is down then the Solar PV is down too. The Grid inverter is synchronized with the grid and needs grid power to operate.

Hybrid Solar PV System. With this system, you will have a Hybrid Solar Inverter and Batteries (we are using Lithium these days). You can install as much PV as you like as you can use this to charge the batteries during the daytime. You can also set this system up so you can use the batteries at night. An ideal setting is usually 60/40/10 – 60% to be used at night, 40% is in reserve for emergencies/power outages and 10% is the battery depletion rate, where it will start to re-charge.

Decision Process

So deciding which type of system best suits you should be the first step in the process, we have more information on our Solar PV Page and on our Blog Page.

Solar Rooftop Options In Thailand 2020 Review

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