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Solar Rooftop Options In Thailand
April 16, 2020
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It’s Finally Arrived, Residential Backup Power With Alpha SMILE B3!
November 23, 2020
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Solar PV Training Day

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Solar PV Training Lineup

Solar PV Training Workshop 13 + 14 May 2020

The Training

Solar PV Training workshop. Kunini hosted a Training Workshop for a new installation company from Phetchabun. The team from Chaweewan Group drove all the way down from Phetchabun to our Hua Hin office for a crash course in Solar PV. Kunini’s Team covered the basic Theory, Solar PV design, System Components, Safety, Installation and Commissioning.

The morning session covered the basics with some practical training in the afternoon. The trainees installed a  complete 5kW Solar PV System with an inverter, combiner box and all necessary components. They also got their hands on a 5kW Three-Phase Solar Inverter to mix up the training. We unboxed the new The Huawei 5kW 1 Phase Solar Inverter which is a great bit of technology and is quite a new player in the market.

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Solar PV Training

Kunini, A Brief Outline..

Kunini has been involved in the Solar PV Business since 2010, today our company is a competitive and experienced player. We are a Solar EPC working on Solar Roofs for Residential and Commercial properties. For Residential, these are mainly self-owned. For Commercial we have different offers; self-owned,  power purchasing agreements (PPA’s) and solar leasing.

We have noticed an increase in our Solar Business over the past couple of years, we put this down to the fact that costs have come down considerably and regulations are now clear cut. Take a look at our latest video, Solar Rooftop Options In Thailand..

Latest News

Seraphim Solar Panels

Solar Panel News; we have been using the latest solar panel technology, the 400Wp Seraphim Blade Series panels are cut into two, this helps tremendously with any shading issues… Kunini keeps up to date with the latest Solar Panel technology and uses these on its projects in Thailand.

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Seraphim Blade Series 400Wp Mono Solar Panel

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Seraphim Blade Series 400Wp Mono Solar Panel

Huawei Solar Inverters

Huawei Solar Inverters are fairly new in Thailand, they have both single and three-phase and are approved by both the PEA and the MEA. Kunini is starting to use the Huawei 5kW Single Phase unit and the 10kW Three-Phase units..

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Huawei Grid Tied Solar Inverters

Contact Kunini for all your Solar PV Needs in Thailand.

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