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Kunini as a Solar EPC supplier. Kunini has been in the Solar installation business since 2010.

Are you considering installing a Solar Rooftop?

Then you need to have a conversation with us… Kunini is a Solar EPC Contractor based in Thailand, installing Solar Rooftops for SME, Commercial and Industrial Properties.  If you are considering a sizable Solar installation for your business, you will need an experienced Solar EPC Company to work with you. This will ensure that the project is designed and installed correctly, and you will get the maximum return on your investment. Kunini is a Solar EPC, we have the experience with working on large scale solar rooftop projects for factories, retail and commercial properties.

We created the EPC division after being in the Solar PV business since 2010. We have installed many Solar rooftops on residential and commercial properties in Thailand, so we know the ins and outs of doing business here. We design and install all of our systems to international standards so you can be assured that your investment is secure.

EPC stands for; Engineering, Procurement and Construction, it is a complete process from conception thru to an operational plant, a Turn-Key solution.

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If you are looking for a reputable partner for you next solar, electicial or lighting project then look no further than Kunini!

Talk to our friendly team today to find out how we can help you.

Tender on Large Scale Projects

As a Solar EPC Contractor, Kunini can tender on any large scale projects. Typically from 50kW to more than 1 mW for Commercial Projects. Our services as an EPC cover Engineering; solar PV design and solar roof drawings, electrical design and single-line drawings. Procurement; source and supply all materials for the project. And Construction; build the plant and get it operational. Part of our scope is to arrange all the required permits from government agencies; City Hall, ERC, PEA or MEA. We procure all the permits that are required for you to be able to put a solar rooftop on your rooftop and use the energy for self-consumption.

Kunini suggests equipment based on requirements from the ERC in compliance with their COP (code of practice). This includes Solar Inverters, Solar Racking, Solar Panels, BOS (balance of systems; AC cabling and switchgear, solar cabling, wire trays, DC cabling and switchgear, surge protection,  earthing & bonding of the system). All of our equipment has secured warranties, we have worked with our suppliers for many years. We keep some stock on hand ensuring that in the event of a system fault or failure the problem can be resolved quickly.

Detailed engineering & design

The Solar Plant needs to operate for many years this means that it needs to be built from a solid design and engineered for performance. This starts with a site survey and consultation and incorporates all requirements such as monitoring and solar O&M

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Procurement of plant equipment

We only propose using certified equipment with reliable long term approved suppliers, this will ensure that the plant is installed and commissioned to the highest standards. As a Solar EPC we only select the best equipment to ensure we can fulfil your power needs.

Construction of the Solar Plant

We will commit to our COD and have your plant running on schedule. The construction of the plant follows a time served procedure that enables all component parts to flow into the construction process. Onsite supervision and oversite by our Solar Engineers ensures that everything goes smoothly.

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Operation & Maintenance

We monitor our rooftop plants continuously, to ensure maximum performance and minimal downtime. The maintenance contract will ensure that our experienced engineers are monitoring the solar plant 24×7 so that the system runs efficiently through its lifetime, offering you uninterrupted service and maximizing your solar plant’s performance.

Our turnkey EPC solution includes the entire project, right from studying site feasibility, ensuring the highest standards of quality and safety, to the final plant commissioning. This also includes managing the complete operation and maintenance of the solar plant through a 24×7 remote proprietary monitoring solution.