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Practical Ways to Improve Workers Efficiency

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There are many practical ways to improve your employees efficiency and one of the most effective is to make sure that their working environment is conducive to provide the best possible work ethos.

Here at Kunini we are experts at designing lighting systems that will provide the best possible illumination for offices and industrial units, so that workers have the optimum amount of lux to correctly carry out their jobs.

Modern Office Environments

Companies that know what drives productivity will get the most out of their workers talent. And as a consequence they produce better service and products and generally increase company revenue.

Believe it or not, one of the most influential factors influencing work ethos is the colour temperature of the light source they are exposed to.

Light definitely has an enormous effect on mental and physical well being, and that is why workers react differently depending on their light environment.

Variations of Lighting

You may not have understood the above reference to colour temperature and so we will expand further on this subject. The temperature of light is measured in Kelvin, and it is a measurement of the colour that an object is heated in a high enough temperature. As the temperature goes up the object changes its colour and then emits particular colours of that light.

  • High colour temperatures – these are rated at 4,600K and appear bluish white and are named cool or daylight.
  • Mid-range colour temperatures – these are rated at 3,100K-4,600K appear cool white.
  • Lower colour temperatures – these are rated at up to 3,000K and appear red or yellowish-white and are named warm colours.

How Does Lighting Affect Productivity

According to lighting experts and scientists, cooler light is the best for workers activity. There have been a number of studies that have been carried out on this subject that have proved sunlight can have a positive effect on health.
And exposure to natural light is definitely beneficial to office workers both before and after their shifts. The natural light has been found to help fight depression and generally improve energy, mood and therefore productivity. Office designers use a strategy of utilizing a great amount of glass (Tinted in Thailand).

Tailoring Light in an Office

Some offices do not have generous amounts of glass, especially in countries with large amounts of sunlight. Lighting designers tend to illuminate these spaces with blue enriched light which has been proven to support mental alertness and to also reduce fatigue.

A report from the University of Greenwich showed the results of a study that showed workers benefited from working under blue rich light. They reported that they were happier in their duties and had less eye strain problems.

Chemically it has also been proven that blue light reduces melatonin which is created by the body to help one sleep. So whilst the office may benefit from this blue rich light, other areas such as meeting rooms could benefit from a warmer kind of light to put employees at ease.

If you are interested in finding out more about how to design the lighting in your office or at home, then contact us for further information and advice.

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