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Overview of UK Wiring Regulations

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Kunini are known as one of the most reputable electrical, lighting and power experts in Thailand, having been in business since 2002. Our adherence to the British Wiring Rules and Regulations, ‘The Regs’ , assures correct and proper practices in all our electrical work, whether its a domestic property, a commercial enterprise or an industrial complex Kunini adopts the correct standard and practice.

Many of our existing clients use us regularly as they can rely on the high standards that they know they will receive from us, further to this they recommend us to their friends too. In this blog we take a look at some of the UK Regulations and the standards that exist here in Thailand.

In the the we use the UK Wiring Regulations BS 7671,(18th Edition) as our guide to address the issues of electrical design, installations and verification of electrical installations, also any additions or alterations that are made. In Thailand the current standard is the TISI (Thai Industrial Standards Institute), this is a guideline that has been updated in part to harmonize with IEC regulations for electrical installations, (IEC 60364 Electrical Installations for Buildings). .

History of BS 7671

The history behind the UK Wiring Regulations is old and fascinating. The first edition was unbelievably published way back in 1882 and was entitled, Rules and Regulations for the Prevention of Fire Risks arising from Electric Lighting.

Obviously this elongated name is fairly self explanatory, and the main risk was all concerned with electrical lighting. It was not until the 8th edition in 1924 that these regulations became more familiar to those we know today, Regulations for the Electrical Equipment of Buildings.

And ever since 1981 the UK Regulations have been closely knit with the corresponding international standards known as IEC 60364. So by adhering to the British Regulations, Kunini also closely follows European standards.

What the Wiring Regulations Address

The UK Wiring Regulations are a detailed and very exhaustive list that is much too complex to highlight one by one. Suffice to say the regulations address issues such as electrical installation, how any work is carried out, and how to comply with the electricity at work regulations and various health and safety legislation.

The Regulations cover safety issues not just for the electrical installation company, but anybody that uses or lives in the building concerned. This includes both commercial and domestic properties.

What the Regulations Mean to the Building Owner

The Regulations are for the protection of people that come into contact with buildings that have electrical installations, basically every building in the world.

The Regulations assure safety, and will satisfy any insurance companies that the building is fit for purpose. In domestic situations having a company that works to such high standards looking after your property’s electrical health gives complete peace of mind.

Standards differ around the world concerning how electrical installations are carried out and the nature of the installation. The British Wiring Regulations are widely accepted around the world as one of the most stringent safety documents concerning electricity, that is exactly why Kunini have chosen to adopt them into their business.

If you are the owner of a commercial or domestic property and would benefit from a full electrical survey, then contact Kunini today and speak to one of our highly qualified team.

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