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How to Improve Safety With an Electrical Survey


Kunini as part of their extensive portfolio offer a detailed Electrical Consultancy Service that can be for domestic or commercial properties. The advantages of such a service are manyfold but one of the critical areas that we will investigate is one of safety.

The highly experienced and fully qualified Kunini consultants will come and survey your property and give a detailed report of any areas that may need attention. If you think this may be of advantage to you then contact one of own knowledgeable team.

Some of the areas the Kunini team look at as well as checking the health of the general wiring are listed below.

Safer Working Practices

The first thing as a property owner you can do to address safety is to operate a strict safe working practice into your business. The procedures you lay down rules and guidelines to follow for people working near electrical or on electrical circuit conductors.

Areas of Concern

There are many areas that electrical hazards are particularly dangerous and these can include things such power arcs, electrical arc blasts, flash protection, electrical emergencies, electrical accidents, how to insulate correctly and so forth. The potential for these hazards to become a reality should be minimised as much as possible.

Specific areas that our team will look at will be:

  • Safety in electrical testing – at work, products on production lines, switchgear and control gear, servicing and repair of audio, TV and computer equipment and servicing and repair of domestic equipment.
  • Electric storage batteries
  • Plug-in sockets
  • Portable electrical equipment
  • Electrical test equipment

Areas for Inspection

A Kunini Electrical Survey will look at all relevant areas within your area that could either cause a problem or lead to inefficiencies in the workplace due to low voltages or power outs.

These can include areas such as:

  • The use of temporary wiring
  • Any exposed wiring and cords with frayed or deteriorated insulation
  • Is the location of electrical power lines known
  • Is there sufficient access around all electrical equipment
  • Are any electrical cords in hazardous areas
  • Are any flexible cords free from splices or taps
  • Are all temporary circuits protected by suitable disconnecting switches
  • Are all electrical raceways secure
  • Are all unused openings in electrical enclosures and fittings closed with appropriate covers, plugs, or plates.
  • Are all electrical enclosures, such as switches, junction boxes, etc secure

Basic Electrical Safety Rules

All electrical circuit conductors, bare or insulated, are to be assumed energized until proven otherwise. They shall be de-energized, locked out and tested for the absence of voltage before working on them or near them.

As you can see that there are many factors that the Kunini Electrical Survey team will look at during their inspection. This will differ on the type of property and business or if it is a domestic property, but suffice to say your electrical circuitry will be a lot healthier after a comprehensive Kunini Electrical Survey.

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