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How Efficient or Safe is Your Office

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If you run a business in Thailand from a rented office or an older property, you are probably not aware of the condition of the electrical wiring until something goes wrong, or your electricity bills reach an unbelievable level.

Not all business owners or landlords have the skill levels to check to see if their building has safe and efficient cabling. That is why it is wise to choose a company like Kunini to come and inspect the wiring at your premises.

There are two issues that arise from bad electrical cabling, the first is the safety issue and the second is efficiency. Kunini are experts at working on single and three phase systems that are present in most residences, commercial buildings, offices and hotels. They can design systems as well as do the maintenance and installation of all electrical wiring systems.

Efficiency Considerations

Moving your business into an existing property or indeed a new property, you have no idea of the condition of the electrical wiring. If it is a new property you probably take for granted that the cabling is fit for purpose.

But this may not be the case at all, the office building may have been designed for a completely different use. Your business may demand a much higher level of power, and if your machines or computers are draining more energy from the building than it was designed for almost anything could happen.

The best case scenario would be machines running at slower speeds or computers being much slower to operate. The worst case could be permanent damage to expensive equipment from spikes and surges in a faulty wiring system.

Safety Considerations

If your premises cabling is faulty in any way then the risk of power surges are real, and the serious chances of the wiring failing completely is very real. Of course anything connected to the electricity grid is a fire hazard.

Recently a survey was made in the US which cited the reasoning behind most electrical fires, faulty wiring was top of the list at 35% with cords and plugs coming second at 17%.

This demonstrates just how important a properly installed and maintained electrical wiring system is to a building.

Faulty Wiring Symptoms

There are certain tell-tale systems that will let you know if your wiring is not up to the mark, and these include:

  • Circuit breakers tripping on a regular basis.
  • Flickering of lights.
  • Buzzing of lamps.
  • Hot electrical outlets.
  • Faulty cable splices
  • The odor of burning.

If your building has any of the above symptoms then it is really time to contact Kunini if you live in Pattaya or Bangkok. Not only will we check your buildings cabling out, but we can also rectify the problems.

Remember, if your premises are wired badly or incorrectly the consequences could be higher utility bills, equipment and therefore staff working inefficiently, and the serious risk of fire.

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