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All You Need To Know About Solar Rooftops

Now is the best time to install a solar rooftop for your home or business.


  • The cost to install a Solar PV System has fallen a lot since Kunini installed its first system ten years ago
  • In the past 2 years the advancements in technology have come along in leaps and bounds, producing more power for less investment.
  • A well designed and installed system will give you an ROI (return on investment) of less than five years (for grid-tied systems).
  • Kunini provides full documentation for you to register for the utility FIT scheme (should you wish to do so). The FIT scheme currently pays 2.2 per kWh. (FIT = (feed-in tariff)


Solar Systems and Estimate Costs

Solar Grid-Tied System; great for self-consumption, generate Solar energy to take care of your daytime power demands. This system will not work during a power outage and does not have any batteries.

Sample Systems and Costs;

  • 5kW Single Phase Kit, 5kW Huawei Solar Inverter, 5kW Solar PV, all-inclusive, FIT ready 158,000 Baht
  • 10kW Three Phase Kit, 10Kw Huawei Solar Inverter, 10kW Solar PV, all-inclusive, FIT ready 310,000 Baht


Solar Hybrid Solutions; great for self-consumption, generate Solar energy to take care of your daytime power demands. This system has batteries, so will work when the grid is down. Use the batteries in the evening to save more from your monthly power bill.

Solar Hybrid systems require the separation of loads into a backup consumer unit, we will separate your house loads into critical and non-critical loads. Critical loads such as lighting, refrigerators, some power sockets (for a router, fans, etc..), a water pump and maybe a small air condition unit run off of the battery. Non-critical loads such as hot water units, ovens, pool pumps, air condition units etc. will be connected directly to the grid. There is an additional fee for doing this work, Kunini will survey and send a separate quotation for this work.

 Sample Systems and Costs;

  • 5kW Single Phase Kit, Alpha Smile5 Inverter + 10.1 kWh Lithium Battery, 5kW Solar PV, all-inclusive, 460,000 Baht
  • 10kW Three Phase Kit, Alpha T10 + 1.6 kWh Lithium Battery, 10kW Solar PV, all-inclusive, 760,000 Baht

*All Solar Panels are T1 rated (best in class). We are currently using 455Wp Mono half-cut panels. SunTech, Jinko, Longi or Seraphim. Our Grid Inverters are Huawei or Growatt.

All Solar PV systems come with an app so that you can monitor and manage your system too.

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What Solar PV System Is Best For You?

Grid-Tied or Hybrid?


So what is best for you? Grid-Tied or Hybrid?

It all depends on your personal requirements, is saving money on your monthly power bill important? Is having a backup power supply critical to your needs? Grid-Tied systems are cheaper as there are no batteries, and the Solar Inverter is cheaper as it does not need a charge controller and backup port. Hybrid systems are more expensive as you need batteries and a Hybrid inverter, you may also need additional Solar PV to charge the batteries and you will need to make changes to your electrical system. Take a look below for sample prices and contact us for a Free Solar Survey and consultation, we will then prepare an offer tailored to your needs.

What’s Included In The Kit?

All Solar Kits include:

  • All equipment necessary for the Solar Rooftop installation, a turn-key solution
  • Complete installation by one of our experienced Solar Teams
  • Installation checklist with service schedule dates
  • Document package; Solar PV layout, single line drawing (SLD), Solar inverter specs, Solar PV specs


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Please read through our Solar FAQ to get answers to our most asked questions about installing a Solar Rooftop.