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November 23, 2021
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March 7, 2022
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A Solar Rooftop = Reduced Operational Costs

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Using clean green energy by way of a Solar Rooftop (or ground-mounted system), is a great way to save money for your business.

Did you know that a Solar PV system can take care of most of your daytime power requirements and that the energy produced is cleaner, greener and more stable than the grid? Most people think of Solar Rooftops for their homes or for large factories but smaller businesses can also benefit from installing a solar roof. You can find out more about Solar Rooftops here.

Six Benefits Of A Solar Rooftop

  1. Become your own energy producer
  2. save energy
  3. save costs
  4. reduce your carbon footprint
  5. keep your building cooler
  6. add value to your business
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A Solar Rooftop Is An Asset

What if you could purchase the asset (solar rooftop) from the savings you make and still keep some of the savings?
Your solar rooftop becomes a depreciable asset and you reduce your monthly operational costs with smaller electricity bills.

Solar makes sense, contact us today to have a chat about a Solar rooftop for your business.

Kunini can possibly arrange to finance as a Solar Lease or a Solar PPA with our Solar finance partner Panphos Terms and conditions and availability can be discussed during a consultation and after a Solar Survey has been carried out. We consider all system sizes, please contact us for more information.

It all starts with a free consultation and Solar Survey, chat with us for your Solar Rooftop needs, Kunini can help you to find the right solution..

If you are interested in a Solar Roof for your business pls contact Kunini Solar EPC Services.

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